Confident Parenting While Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Dr. Jim Burns

Is it possible to be a confident parent while maintaining a strong marriage? Jim Burns thinks  there are practical answers and hope. In this session we’ll look at how get on the same page with discipline and grace, overcome negative family patterns, talk with you kids about sex, energizing your families spiritual life and creating a media safe home. You’ll get practical help for some of the most challenging parenting issues. 

Winning the Marriage Decathlon

Bryan and Sarah Clay

Bryan and Sarah will share with you some of the ups and downs of their marriage, and what God has taught them along the way.  In their 12 years together, they have had to navigate through hard times, uncertain times, and times of great joy!  Hear what god has taught them through all of this and be ready to ask questions that may help apply what they have learned to what you might be going through in your own marriage.

Financial Intimacy: Turning Conflict Into Connection

Chris and Jen Goulard

You’ve probably considered the importance of emotional intimacy and physical intimacy in your marriage, but have you ever dreamed that exploring how you handle your finances could be a discussion that draws you together instead of dividing you? During our time together, we will investigate spiritual and emotional factors which impact not only the way we manage money, but also the way we communicate and connect as a couple over money.