Chicago FAQ

1. Where is RYM being held? At Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Illinois.

2. Who are the speakers? Jim Burns & Doug Fields, with special appearances by their spouses: the “Cathy’s.” 

3. Is RYM a weekend event? Yes. It begins on Friday evening at 7:00-9:45pm and runs all day Saturday from 8AM to 2:45pm.

4. What is the cost? Our 2016 pricing is as follows: $45 for an individual, $90 for a couple.

5. Are scholarships available? How do I apply?  Please contact Christ Community Church to inquire about scholarships.

6. I’m not sure where my friends/family are in their spiritual journey. Will this conference have a heavy spiritual emphasis? This weekend will have a spiritual emphasis, but not so much so that people who may not have a relationship with the Lord would be offended. There will be plenty of great, relevant information for people at every stage of their spiritual journey. Jim & Doug will bring humor as well as great information to help every individual feel empowered to improve their relationship.

7. Will RYM be all lectures, or will there be time to interact with my spouse?  In addition to great teaching, the format of the weekend will allow for interaction with your spouse and others.

8. How do I register? On our web site, click REGISTER and follow the instructions. You may also register by phone by calling, 630.485.3300

9. Will it still be beneficial to attend if I can only attend on Saturday? Yes, the sessions on Saturday will be informative and do not require you to have heard Friday’s content. However, we do not have pricing for Saturday only.

10. Are there group rates? No, there are no group rates available.

11. Will you be offering a Spanish translation of this event? We are working on this option but it is currently unavailable for 2016.

12. Will RYM be beneficial to me if my spouse won’t attend? Yes, there will be things that will help you improve as an individual and in the long run, will also help your marriage.

13. Will childcare be available? “Refreshing Your Marriage” is designed as a retreat for you and your spouse.  We are unable to provide childcare for this setting.

14. Is this conference for marriages in trouble or for couples considering divorce? Yes, there will be couples in attendance on the brink of divorce and couples who are just “in a slump.” Most marriages are at least a bit high maintenance. The content is geared to improving a decent marriage and giving hope to troubled ones. Whoever comes will walk away inspired, hope-filled, and with some tools to improve their marriage.

15. What if I attended this event last year? Will it be the same? No. Although we will have the same presenters as last year’s event, there is brand new content being developed for this year’s event. On top of that, there will be completely new programming. As we like to say, “RYM serves as an annual checkup for your marriage.”

16.  Are lodging and meals included in the price?  No, the cost does not include lodging and food. We strive to make RYM as affordable as possible and will provide water and light snacks within the registration cost.  We will also have for-purchase meal options available either at the church or very close by.